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What is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplant? As a whole Hair Transplantation method consists of four basic steps…1. Harvesting, 2.Preparation of Grafts, 3.Preparation of Plantation Area, 4.Implantation of Hair So FUE is a method of Harvesting Hair Roots (Follicular Units) individually one by one directly from the scalp. In FUE, small and circular incisions in the skin around hair roots are made with the help of an instrument which separates follicles from surrounding tissues. Then these hair grafts are extracted from the scalp, leaving a small open hole that will be healed by itself within a few days. It leaves a small, circular white mark which will remain there forever. Extracted hair roots are planted in the bald area. At Dev Hair Transplant Clinic, Nikol-Naroda Road, Ahmedabad we perform both most effective Hair Restoration Procedures, FUE (Stitchless) and FUT (Strip Method) with best results and most natural looks. Our services are also available at Surat (Shri Hari Skin Care and Hair Transplant, Param Doctor House, Station Road, Surat) and Gandhinagar (Perfect Skin Care and Hair Transplant, Sector-21, Gandhinagar)
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